I realized I been on tumblr for 5 years almost, thats 1/4 of my life.  Thats insane, 1/4 of my thought processes and emotions have in a way been documented on this site. I realized a while ago maybe even when I first started blogging that this is something I wanna do for my thoughts and interests not for popularity or to be tumblr famous or create some interesting online personality so people can think I’m cool or some shit. It’s always been an expression of me, trying to share my human thoughts with my friends and anyone that would listen.  I do like when people listen and interact but its okay when they don’t, its not as fun but its whatever. I think realizing I’ve been on here for so long made me realize I don’t wanna use this anymore, I’ve seen a lot of the same stuff over and over again and I think I’ve reached that point of diminishing returns for this website, it’s just not offering that much anymore, a quick way to waste time yeah and look at cool pictures but besides that it just feels like everyone trying to be too cool.  I’ve probably said I’m done with this website a lot but for real I think this is it. I think I’ve dropped some jewels on this site and some dumb shit but hey that’s life and growth. But peace and love to anyone who reads this


Lido - Lost (feat. Muri)

I remember I was in this studio a few months back and this producer/engineer played this and I was like shit this is dope, but he was like yeah gotta keep this on the DL. Now like 3 months later or something its out and I’m realizing how crazy and dope it is that I’m getting connected with artists and actually doing stuff

Life has been good to me lately, it’s never really been bad but I wanted to try and use my blog to actually talk about my life a little.  I just got back from Bonnaroo recently which was awesome and full of great music and the people I’m close to and my boo.  I feel like I’ve been feeling loving a lot more lately which is great and like I just wanna show people I appreciate them and really care about them. Especially my parents and my girl and my close friends who I know have been there. I also really wanna show this in music that I wanna make, and I really wanna do a lot of music this summer.  I just feel like I haven’t heard anything too recently of the sound that matches exactly how I’m feeling.  I couldn’t even think of an album this year that I thought was really great.  Which is sad but also good because maybe I can make that album for myself and others to hear… I feel very apathetic to things lately that are irrelevant, that may sound redundant but I swear its not.  It’s given me energy to focus on the things I feel like really matter to me, like creating and inspiring and most important loving

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Kinky Tapestry: by Erin M Riley

Using traditional tapestry techniques, Erin M.Riley weaves images of women in states of undress or exposure, personal objects or landscapes that are related to destruction and death. With her work, she is examining the honesty of sexuality but also how courtships, pornography and sex is changing as a result of the mass depiction of these intimate moments online.

The artist states: “My work is the culmination of research into addiction, sexual experimentation, popular internet culture, the effects of single parent households, socio-economic status’ etc. I am drawn to the images taken for private exchanges that become littered on the internet. I am using my own images that I have sent to lovers as well as the objects that I have formed psychological attachments to, objects that have impacted people’s lives, displays of arrests, deaths, addictions.”




tbh i think Kiely Williams shouldve been cast as Aaliyah



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This video is AWESOME! Because Christopher Walken is in it, of course!